Penny and a solution to my fear of button holes!

I’m part of the SOI PDF club which will likely not surprise you since I have made so many of their patterns. The minute I saw this dress I knew I needed to make it. I’ve been wanting a shirt dress for ages but am inherently lazy because sewing is crammed into the little time I have left after working a full time job and having a busy social life with family and friends. I’ve come to accept this and am happy to make lots of basic to fill my wardrobe as at least I’m still sewing!

Penny has an elasticated waist, full skirt and very few buttons which is a huge win in my books as I’m terrified of button holes.

I decided to use come coral rayon fabric from my stash which I think came from Walthamstow last year. The only change I made was to shorten the skirt as I’m only 5’2. Having shortened the skirt I found I can actually get the dress out of 2m of fabric at 60′ wide but 2.5m is preferable.

To avoid the button holes I finally decided to use my kam snaps which I bought last year. These are an absolute find!! They’re super quick and easy to use… I think they will happily replace lots of buttons in my future makes. If you share my fear then look into getting a pair of these pliers. I bought them from The Village Haberdashery but you can get them from lots of places.

I love everything about this dress and have 2 more cut out on my sewing table! I love it when a plan comes together.