Sew Over It Ultimate trousers

I bought the pattern with the online class and made the Carrie trousers last summer but due to the closer fit I really struggled with the ultimate trousers. Back in the Easter SOI sale my Mum and I bought each other the Ultimate trousers class at Clapham as belated birthday presents.

The class was the best decision we could have made. We learnt with Julie who is incredibly experienced, friendly and approachable. We had a real range of experience and fitting issues in the class but Julie smoothly assisted everyone ensuring that by the end of the day everyone at the very least had a fitted pattern.

I went with some cheap tropical floral stretch cotton from Walthamstow to test out the pattern knowing it would be 50:50 as to whether it would be successful. In the end it worked out pretty good!

See below on the left…
Since that class I’ve been churning out these trousers like you wouldn’t believe! I’ve made 5 pairs in total and have another pair I’m making as a fabric product testing for Minerva Crafts which I’m hoping to complete soon. For someone who hasn’t really worn trousers in years it’s a big change for me but I’m loving the increased breadth in my wardrobe. Below are a few of the pairs I’ve made.

If you’re interested in making these trousers I would highly recommend the class. I know they are expensive but some things are just impossible to fit without experience and if nothing else it’s a great day out meeting like minded people. 

Now is it time I made some slightly less crazy trousers or should I carry on with the bright floral theme??

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