Fabric choice part 2 – Kielo wrap dress

This second instalment is embarrassingly very late as all 3 dresses were made in summer 2016 and were just waiting on me photographing the final dress and then writing the post! I invested in a gorilla pod with Camkix Bluetooth shutter which I’m hoping will help improve the speed and quality of my blog photos. Fingers crossed things will be a bit quicker from machine to blog in the future!

For the second instalment of my fabric choice series I’ve opted for the Named Clothing Kielo dress which recently became one of my favourite patterns. I made 3 versions ranging in length and fabric choice. They all have different qualities which I love but it’d be great to hear which one you think works best.

Dress 1 – 

I made this from a crepe jersey from Fabworks. It’s more structured than a cotton jersey so it doesn’t drape as much. It’s also a synthetic fabric which means it’s not very cool on the skin in hot weather but I think it looks more dressy and less casual. A year later and it gets some good wear especially on summer holidays.

Dress 2 –

This was made from a cotton jersey from Walthamstow, I didn’t have quite enough to make the tie waist so instead used a plain black jersey which has the great effect of looking like a belt. This is a great idea if you want to break up the dress a bit. This dress has much more drape and is great for wearing in the hot summer weather. It’sdefinitely  come in handy this summer!

Dress 3 –

The third dress was made in a woven fabric from Goldhawk Road. I’m not sure on the composition but it’s is drapy but with some body. I also shortened this dress to make it wearable at work. Again I love this variation because it looks smarter than a jersey.

For details on the pattern you can read my Kielo wrap dress blog but I can’t recommend this pattern enough, it’s quick, easy and a bit different! I’ve just finished a short jersey one for work which I haven’t worn yet but am looking forward to for Monday.

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