SOI Lola coat

I had intended on doing 2 blog posts on the SOI Lola coat pattern as I’ve made 2 now but given wore both of them non stop before summer and am only just getting round to writing this post then I thought it would be easier to combine the two. 

The Lola coat pattern from the SOI City Break patterns e-book was what prompted me to buy the patterns in the end. I love it’s relax style whilst also looking very sleek and stylish. To me it crosses both work and play boundaries perfectly!

The pattern has some interesting features like the pockets and the mini shawl collar. It’s definitely a fun make with a few extra tweaks for a confident sewer but actually nothing super complicated.

The first Lola I made was for part of my Japanese honeymoon wardrobe. I wanted a lighter weight coat for the baggage allowance and thought the big pockets would come in handy. Initially I wasn’t sure whether to make the long or the short version as the long version would have been well below my knees on my short stature but the short version was missing the pockets. In the end I opted long and took 5 inches out of the length spread from the underarm in 1 inch chunks. When doing this I advise picking you sections carefully to avoid notches so you don’t need to redraw them. Plus once you have done the fist pattern piece I would follow the same spacing for the rest of the pattern pieces to match. I also took an inch or 2 out of the length on the sleeves.

Normally I would advise a toile but I was a bit wreckless and just went for it and luckily it paid off! I used a green lightweight wool which I bought from the man outside Sainsbury’s years ago with the intention of making a Sewaholic pattern but had never gotten round to it. The pattern called for 4 m and it was the only thing in my stash remotely long enough. Turns out after my adjustments I can now get it out of 3m at 60′ wide.

Apologise for the terrible photos, you can see my messy sewing room in the background. This coat is an absolute winner and I wore it almost every day except up in the mountains where it was too cold and on the amazingly unexpected sunny days particularly down near Hiroshima.

It turns out the pockets are the perfect size for deer biscuits if you ever needed to know!

For the second, my Mum and I decided to try and make a Lola coat each in a weekend. I bought some beautiful camel coloured wool from Fabworks which I wanted to use. My only fear was that it would be too thick as the pattern calls for a draped fabric and this really isn’t. Sometimes the fabric gods smile down on us and that random punt we take as sewers pays off… And this was one of those times! It looks like it’s sold out but they still have other colours available.

The wool gives a lovely structured feel to the shape and the colour works a treat. Now back to the challenge of making it in a weekend… Turns out you definitely can! To be fair I had cut out the fabric in advance but the rest slotted together smoothly. I even took the time to press things properly with the clapper! Win!

The only bit where I struggled is the shawl collar at the neck. It’s a bit bulky so doesn’t lie flat but I don’t think anyone would ever notice. The extra thickness of the fabric just makes it snugglier in winter weather. I haven’t had much call to wear them recently because the weather has been brilliant in England this summer. Is it too early to think about making another for next autumn/winter?

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