The other Toaster Sweater

Just a quick post to follow on from my previous Toaster sweater. The pattern comes in two styles and having liked the other one I wanted to give this second version a go.

I spent the longest time on this make in choosing the pattern size. Based on the sizing guide and my concern of the thickness of the fabric I thought I was going to make a large but decided to stick with my guns and go for the medium. In actual fact there is plenty of room in the jumper so it’s a good thing I didn’t go larger. 

I used a thick plush jersey for extra snuggle factor and have been loving wearing it in the colder weather. It’s a beautiful oatmeal colour with stars that I bought from a sewing shop in Witney Oxfordshire. I think I actually prefer it to the other version!

I couldn’t get my twin needle to work so opted for zig zag top stitching but I think it works. 

This is a great pattern and I want to try making it in a drapier jersey to see how it works. I’m not sure if the polo neck might collapse too much but I’m going to give it’s a go… fingers crossed!