BHL Holly trousers (another foray into the WIP mountain)

Another item from my recent develing into all of my unfinished WIP highlighted these BHL Holly trousers. These are actually the second pair I made, the first a tester pair were in a green linen blend. I absolutely loved them, the fit I think is reminiscent of 1940’s style but on the first day I wore them in the wild a colleague mentioned how they looked like the genie from Aladdins trousers. Yes, the nail in the coffin. I never wore those lovely trousers again and it caused me to halt progress on finishing this black pair I had planned for work ataire.

Now older and a bit wiser, or just keen to finish some WIP (you decide) I took them back up and finished the hand sewing that was left.

They are a beautifully simple pattern which are fitted with darts on the back and loose on the front to look flattering. Sadly I’ve put on a bit of weight since I fitted these trousers but I still love the pattern and highly recommend it to anyone who fancies trousers with relatively limited fitting issues due to the style. Apologise for the poor photo quality, black is terrible to photograph and get a sense of the shape!

They also feel like secret pyjamas which is always a win! Sadly for anyone one wants to know the fate of the green pair, I sent them to a charity shop in a hopes someone else can love and wear them! Some things aren’t meant to be!