SOI Silk Cami – #2017makenine

I was lucky enough to snap this up in the Black Friday sale last year as I’ve fancied it for a while. Although it’s fairly basic I think it will be perfect for working towards my capsule wardrobe resolution for 2017 so that I have more full outfits that are me made instead of parts of outfits.

Having made a few SOI garments I know their block is based on a much taller person than my 5 ft 2 in so I took 2 inches out of the length of the body in 2 x 1 inch sections. I then just graded the side seams into a smooth curve.

I cut it out in some left over viscose from a Walthamstow visit. It has beautiful fluidity and I knew it would allow me to test it before making it up in all the beautiful fabrics I got for Christmas from my family.

The final look is fairly loose but I think that’s the style. I love it tucked into skirts and on reflection I think the neck line suits me better than my normal higher style. It’s something I’ll look at in future makes.

The construction is easy, although it has an interesting method for sewing on the facings in an all in one method. I confess I left out the French seams on the side seams but they would be a nice finish in future versions.

A few options for my next one …

That’s two big hits from my #2017makenine. I hope I can keep it up and make a few more items soon.