Sew House Seven Toaster 2 – #2017makenine and #sewmystyle

Given I’m pretty rubbish at sticking to challenges I’ve been pretty ambitious this year and signed up to 2! I’m hoping that now the wedding and honeymoon are over I should have more free time where we’re not planning and coordinating that can be spent sewing. Both of these challenges as I’ve spoken about before are helping to work towards a fuller wardrobe of clothing that is me made and this pattern is no exception. Eventually I’d like to have an almost wholly me made closet!

Jumpers are definitely a huge hole in my existing wardrobe. I’d never heard of Sew House Seven patterns until signing up to #sewmystyle but I bought the versions 1 and 2 combo pack for the toaster as I think both will be great! Plus this winter the weather has me dreaming of nice snuggly jumpers!

I have some beautiful wool Jersey which I bought in Japan and is destined to become a toaster sweater but in the meantime I wanted to test it in something from my stash. I have very few stable jersey knits which is what this pattern calls for so ended up opting for this lighter weight jumper style fabric. I’m afraid I’m pretty rubbish with the different names for knit fabrics. The fabric looks like it is knitted together rather than a solid jersey fabric and it’s something that’s been in my stash for well over 10 years. I’m not sure where it came from or what it was intended for but it’s been sat in my stash a little forlorn as I couldn’t see any possible use for it.

I went for size small and didn’t make any alterations however I noticed after I had cut out that the knit fabric had been stretched out on the carpet and subsequently shrunk when unpinned. I think I lost an inch in length on the body and the sleeves. I normally cut out on a wooden floor so this is something I’ll watch for in the future when cutting out on carpet! Given it was a test garment I ploughed on regardless.

The construction is nice and easy. It’s the first time I’ve done a split hem and the instructions make it so straightforward and neat. I love the mitring on the corners! I ended up sewing the hem by hand as I think the fabric calls for an invisible hem but regardless this jumper can definitely be made in a day and is suitable for a relatively new sewer given its for stable knits. It also only has 3 pattern pieces which makes for quick cutting out!

The final fit is good and although initially unsure I really like the look of it. I am currently happily snuggled up in it as I type and am looking forward to adding a few more to my wardrobe! Given I like the current length of this version I will have to measure up against the pattern and decide if any length needs to come out of the pattern before making up my next version.

I absolutely love this pattern and if I don’t end up liking any of the other #sewmystyle makes I don’t mind because this jumper was worth it! Now to find some more fabric to try out option 1…….