SOI Molly Tops extravaganza

Yes that is me with a big grin because I have bicycles on my top!

When SOI announced their City Break e-book I was initially sceptical. I wasn’t immediately drawn to any one pattern although the Lola coat did tempt me. But the more I thought about it the more I got hooked! The idea of a capsule wardrobe is not something I’d really thought about as I generally like to just make whatever I feel like but like so many sewers before me I’ve started to notice my random collection of things I’ve made just don’t go together. The drive to prepare for our honeymoon to Japan in November gave me a real incentive to start thinking about capsule wardrobes and so I bought the e-book and haven’t looked back. So far I’ve made 2 of the projects and have another 2 part made which now we’re over the excitement of Christmas I’m hoping to get back to some serious sewing.

My first successful make from the collection was the Molly top. Having now made 7 in total I find it a versatile staple. Depending on the weight of the jersey it can be a jumper weight or T-shirt weight and can be tucked in to skirts or worn over jeans.

The style is more relaxed than I normally go for but as a result it’s exceedingly comfortable and there are no real fit issues.

The detailing of the sleeves adds an a extra twist and is great fun made in stripes. The only real problem I’ve had on any of the seven was the hem on my bycicles top as you can see!Sadly the French terry weight fabric has distorted whilst sewing the hem but it hasn’t stopped me wearing it as it can just be tucked in and hidden away.As you can see I love this pattern and I’m planning on making a few more. Most of these were made using fabric from Fabworks. Although it can be tricky buying fabric over the internet the quality and range of jersey fabric at Fabworks is great and the prices are pretty amazing too. I’m still hoping to be able to catch one of their Tuesday bundle one of these days!

The links to the fabrics I can still find on their website are:

Floral, lemon and white stripe, the pale lilac marl and the nude marl. The lilac marl is a beautiful weight and comes in a range of colours, I’ve also got the avacado and the blue ones lined up for future projects! Sadly there is none of the stripe left but they have a range of other great stripes if your interested in a Breton style top.

I very much hope SOI will release a similar style ebook in the future as this was a real winner for me and has opened a whole new way of thinking about sewing.

The pattern itself is straightforward and a great starter for any new sewers wanting to get into sewing with jersey.

I’m also wondering about making a few more as pyjama tops in the future. Thanks Lisa and the Sew Over It team for another great pattern! Hold tight for my review of the Lola pattern which is an even bigger winner in my books!

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One thought on “SOI Molly Tops extravaganza

  1. Oh lovely! You’ve picked out such nice fabrics and I especially love the bicycles. I look forward to the coat review!

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