Sew Over it Trouser course – Carrie

I bought this course the first weekend it came out because I desperately wanted help on fitting trousers. Excitingly it was the day before my wedding back in June! Sadly once getting it I then continued to put it off due to sewing fear.

I finally took the plunge having seen the beautiful versions my Mum had made and  cut out a basic black pair. 

I sewed them half together and then got frustrated that the fabric creases just by looking at it… Not ideal for trousers! Finally I stopped stalling and plucked up the courage to finish them ready for our honeymoon in Japan in November. Then having finished them I ended up loving them so much I made a second pair. Excitingly I had some perfect fabric from a Walthamstow market trip which reminded me of autumn leaves, perfect for the Japanese Maples. They are literally secret pyjamas!

There isn’t much to say about construction as the pattern is fairly straightforward however sewing in the elastic looked less neat than I expected in both my versions. I think I need to try this again with my next pair.

The online class was great and I highly recommend it. The videos are very clear and there are lots of handy tips. I especially think the videos on the waistband are useful. Having made them I think they’re super quick and straightforward so will probably use the videos only for troubleshooting in the future.

The only thing I’m not sure on is how to style them. I think I need a tucked in top but need to find a few other options. I think I can see a few more of these in my sewing future.


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