New Years Resolutions and #2017makenine

I’m pretty rubbish at making New Year’s resolutions and generally don’t bother but this year I wanted to make some pledges for my sewing. I’ve been pretty rubbish over the last few months at blogging. We went on our honeymoon to Japan back in November and so I went on a sewing rampage trying to make a new wardrobe of clothing to take with me and then since we’ve been back its been manic with Christmas prep, working late and thank you cards! 

So for 2017 I’d like to start thinking more carefully about the things I make. I noticed huge gaps in my wardrobe during Me Made May 2016 and loved working on a wardrobe collection for my honeymoon so would like to carry that on and work on a more cohesive wardrobe collection where I can mix and match. I will hopefully catch up on blogging all my honeymoon creations soon!

I’ve pledged to join Project Sew My Style in order to work towards this as the aim is to sew a set pattern every month until you have a full collection by the end of the year. I love this because it’s supporting indie pattern makers and also works towards my resolution. It’s also helped highlight a few new pattern companies I’ve never heard of! I might not make all of them as some patterns don’t look to be a silhouette which suits me but I’m going to try and make most of them.

Finally here are my #2017makenine which are a collection of patterns either part of the sew my style or they are Christmas presents or patterns I’ve had for a while and just not got round to yet!

The patterns:

1) Sew Over it Silk Cami

2) Sew Over it Ultimate Trousers

3) Sew House 7 Toaster 2 Jumper

4) Megan Neilsen Virginnia Leggings

5) Closet Case Files Nettie bodysuit

6) Simple Sew trench coat

7) Sew Over It Grace dress

8) Grainline Portside bag set

9) Colette Zinnia skirt
Hope your all looking forward to an exciting 2017!


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