Fabric choice Part 1

I often repeat use patterns and play around with different fabric choices. The choice of fabric can have a dramatic impact on the finished garment and I thought it might be worth me documenting this in here as a means of critically assessing my choices and helping inform future makes. I also thought other people might find my experiences helpful if they are also considering fabric choices.

I thought I’d start this with the Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress which I have now made 3 times in 3 very different fabrics.

Make 1:

Fabric type- soft cotton lawn in dark green

This was my first version of this dress and whilst it is lovely and comfortable to wear it creases very easily which means lots of ironing but also creasing during the day as you wear it. Therefore whilst a good option for making it wouldn’t be my first recommendation. It has nice drape for the top half of the dress but with a bit of weird bagging.

Make 2:

Fabric type- relatively firm blue chambray with white dots

Being relatively firm this hold a nice shape during the day. It doesn’t crease as badly during wear but it does require a good press dbefore wearing after washing. Due to its weight the dress has a nice smooth shape and you get less weird bagging in the top half. It’s also a good weight for transitioning in not such warm weather like Spring or Autumn. I’ll definitely try and make another one of these for my Autumn wardrobe if I can source some similar fabric.

Make 3:

Fabric type – a silky rayon in navy with abstract polka dots

This is by far my favourite choice, both for wear and shaping. It doesn’t require any pressing after washing and doesn’t crease during the day which is a huge plus for me. It’s also lovely and light for hot weather and super comfy as it just slips on. It has a lovely drape so the top half hangs nicely with little bagging.

All 3 have been successful but my favourite is make 3 which doesn’t require ironing and is lovely and soft and light to wear, especially in hot weather. I will likely make more versions in the same fabrics as make 2 and 3 in the future if I can source similar fabrics.


One thought on “Fabric choice Part 1

  1. I think fabric choice is one of the hardest things to get right and it makes such a difference. All three are pretty but the rayon one definitely looks the nicest.

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