Sophie swimsuit part 1

Who wasn’t seduced by the beautiful closet case files Sophie swimsuit?!! It is everything I want in a swimsuit and a style you can’t find in the shops in RTW. I was pretty terrified about making it and so splashed out on a kit from them as well because I was worried about sourcing all the bits needed having never seen or felt them before. 

Due to the distance travelled the kit took an expected couple of weeks to arrive and it was worth the wait! It contains everything I need including the fixings for both a swimsuit and a bikini and potentially enough extra to make more than one swimsuit! Opening the packaging was a lovely delight and I would definitely recommend it for anyone new to making swimsuits.

Having read the instructions I had determined my size based on bust measurement but due to my larger bottom half I decided to mock up the fit grading to the larger bottoms half using some left over jersey. I didn’t do any of the complex parts but just sewed it up quickly to check the body length etc. After this I took 1″ out of the body length which is not surprising given the patterns are drafted for the average 5’8 which I most definitely am not. Actually it was a surprise I didn’t have to take out more!

Having mocked it up the time had come for me to make it up for real! This post will contain all the details of the easy bits and the complex parts will get a lovely post all of their own.

The foam cups are amazingly quick to sew up. I used a zigzag stitch with the length and width provided in the instructions (an absolute god send and one of my favourite things about this pattern!). My only mishap was sewing the top of the balconette to the wrong side of the cups but it was quick to unpick and re-sew (first major mishap averted otherwise I think I would have ended up with very strange boob shapes).

Having cut out the rest of the pattern in both the outer fabric and the swim lining I decided to sew it together just on my normal machine rather than worry about working out where the 3/8″ on a new overlocker is. I nearly slipped up on sewing in the bridge for the bust which I had accidentally cut out facing the wrong way so the stretch was in the wrong direction. I would definitely recommend reading all the instructions carefully and checking regularly that you are on track.

I was surprised that my machine has coped so well with the Lycra and so far no problems. To date I have sewed the body and the swim lining up separately and I have sewn the bra cups to the foam cups but I am yet to join all 3 parts together and start on the complex underwiring and the swim elastic. I’m confident if I follow the instructions I shouldn’t go far wrong. Fingers crossed and wish me luck!


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