Me made May weeks 3 &4

A little bit later than anticipated but this is the final round up of my Me Made May 2016 and my lessons learnt. Before I get into the juicy bit of what I learnt first see the list of what I wore:

– 3 x Seamwork Astoria 

– 3 x BHL  Anna dress

– 3 x Colette Myrtle

– 2 x BHL Elisalex hacks

– 1 x Sew Over it Cowl Neck dress

– 1 x Seamwork Astoria dress hack

– 1 X Sewaholic Rae skirt

– 1 X Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress

A lot of these are repeat patterns from my previous post so there isn’t much to add other than that they show how much I love these patterns. What I did notice however is a few big trends.

– I pretty much exclusively make dresses with the odd exception. Sadly my wardrobe is very limited when it comes to me made separates. I have a few tops and skirts but not many and absolutely no trousers

– I have recently become more confident with sewing knit fabrics and have found this quite liberating as they are quick to sew and comfortable to wear

– I haven’t made any cardigans or lounge wear even though I wear both of these every day. On my one lazy day at home in May I struggled to find anything to wear as I didn’t fancy a dress for slobbing around the house doing chores

– In the past I have made a coat but recently I have been avoiding it however I am in desperate need of a new coat as my favourite is getting a bit thread bare… If only I could decide on which pattern to go for!

– For a long time I have wanted to get into making lingerie, I made a pair of knickers on my sister’s hen do a few years ago but still haven’t plucked up the courage to do more despite buying a beautiful kit and the Malborough bra pattern

So the plan going forward is that I need to be brave and try more patterns. In particular trousers, coats and underwear! So keep your eyes peeled for future post …


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