Seamworks Valencia Bags

The second made gift for my bridesmaids had to be the Seamwork Valencia bag! I got the idea from Amy Nicole’s blog. Her blog post touched me and I thought it was such a lovely idea. Having decided I wanted to make the bag I was pretty excited as it meant getting a chance to use another of the wonderful Seamwork patterns from my subscription.

To make the bags individual I lined them with fabrics personal to each of my bridesmaids. Two of them were fabrics I had made into dresses and worn at their weddings whilst one was the scraps from some pjs I’d made for her (you can probably guess which is which!). I blogged about one of the dresses here.

The pattern is lovely and straight forward with great instructions so I haven’t much to add however because I had chosen a very fine fabric for the bags I decided to add a layer of felt to add structure to the bag. In hindsight I should have either interfaced or cut down the inserts so that they didn’t add into the seams as unfortunately it made the seams bulkier than would be ideal but otherwise it was quite a successful addition and made the bags more usable than if I’d just used the fabric on it’s own.

Below is the closest picture I have to the finished items. Sadly I forgot to photograph them before I wrapped them. I bought chains for the bags but I think I went for options which were too long but because they are chains on clips the girls can choose to use or remove it and potential replace it with a shorter chain if they wanted. The finished bag is a good size with plenty of room for a phone, keys and other bits and pieces. I highly recommend this pattern if you want to try making a bag but not something super complex. I will definitely reuse this in the future when I need to make a bag to go with an outfit.


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