SOI lampshade

Sorry I have lots of sensible posts due about things I’ve made but just finished this lampshade on a whim and could resist blogging about it. I’ve wanted to make a lampshade for a while and picked up this kit from John Lewis earlier this year. Due to all the wedding antics I didn’t get round to making it until today.

As a make there isn’t much to say, the kit contains everything you need, has nice clear instructions and is super quick to make. Overall it took about half an hour and some of that was just rereading the instructions in fear that I had missed something as ‘surely it couldn’t be that easy!’. 

The only thing I would say is that if you can rope in someone to help its a good idea. Taping the panel to the rings requires 3 hands at least so my lovely husband kindly offered to step in and provide a hand.

I definitely recommend this kit if you fancy it and I’m hoping to make a bigger ceiling light one in the future if I can source the supplies. Sadly SOI seem to be out of stock but maybe John Lewis might still have some. Otherwise I think the Makery has good supplies. Below is the finished product!


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