Seamworks Almada

Right! Now the cat is out the bag as I’m married and have given away all the things I’ve made I can start blogging about them. Over the last 3/4 months I’ve been making a lot of things for the wedding. I knew I wanted to make bridesmaid dresses for my lovely 3 bridesmaids. On the hunt for a suitable fabric I stumbled across the below at Barry’s Fabrics in Birmingham. I’d also seen it for sale on the Sew Over It website and had secretly fancied it for ages.

The colour wasn’t quite right for the dresses but I bought the 6 1/2 metres they had left as a back up option. We’re heading to Japan on our honeymoon so I thought it seemed apt! The pattern calls for closer to 9 metres so I ordered a bit more but ended up squeezing all 3 out of the original piece so don’t be surprised if you something else made from this in the near future.

I later found the fabric for the dresses and decided that’s dressing gown for each of them wouldn’t go amiss for getting ready on the morning of the wedding. I’d seen the Almada pattern in the Seamwork website as I have been subscribed since the magazine started and so I wanted to give it a go. There are quite a few lovely patterns in the magazine which I want to have a go at in the future.

The pattern really calls for a softer more drapey fabric than this cotton but overall I’m pleased with the effect. Below shows one of the body sections in progress.As I was sewing in multiples and with different sizes I ended up labelling each piece with masking tape which I wrote on. I’d be interested to hear if anyone had and alternative suggestions for this. Although it worked the labels did start to fall off or get stuck to other pieces. 

To mark the dressing gowns separately once made I embroidered their names into them as shown below. It wouldn’t win any award for nice hand stitching but it does the job.Now back to the pattern. This pattern was extremely easy and quick. It slotted together beautifully and I was really pleased with the results. I think the girls liked them too. I’d recommend this if your looking for a kimono style robe and think I’ll make myself one in the future. Potentially in double gauze if I can find any/ lift my fabric purchasing ban!I haven’t forgotten that I’m still due to finish my blog posts about Me Made May. More to follow on that soon but just wanted to get some of what’s been swirling around my head and on my sewing table out in the open.


4 thoughts on “Seamworks Almada

  1. Ah, I’ve this pattern and the fabric bought ready to make!
    Yours is truly lovely and the fabric choice is to die for!

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