Me made May ’16 weeks 1 & 2

So my first two weeks of MMM has been reasonably successful but has also started to highlight some of my big holes in my self made wardrobe.

So far I have worn me made every day bar one. For that one day I was house bound making things for the upcoming wedding so just threw on a t-shirt and some trousers. Note to self… Make some longewear!!

What have I been wearing then:

3 x SOI cowl neck dresses – this is my new favourite pattern and it’s so quick to make that if I ever need a new dress in a short amount of time this is one of my go to choices!

3 x Astoria tops – this seamworks pattern is another work horse for me. I wear it over dresses or paired with skirts and have amassed a pretty big collection now

2 x Astoria dress hack – my love of the Astoria pattern drove me to create a dress from it in a skater dress style. I have 3 of these made and again it’s super quick and fun.

1 x Mabel skirt – this pattern by Colette is another gem. I only wear it in the winter sadly as they are best paired with tights for me but a rough weather day meant I got to bust one out of the cupboard.

1 x Datura top -From Deer and Doe this is a really classic shape top. I’ve made 2 but want to expand to have more. Sadly I need to add a bit more room for the boobs so this pattern has been relegated for a little while waiting for me to tweak it.

1 x Bettine – I’ve blogged about my love hate relationship with this dress from Tilly and the Buttons. I hated how it looked making it but now I love the finished dress. Weirdly I have another part made one on my sewing pile and I hate it again…. I just need to keep the faith and finish it!

1 x washi dress – this dress is from Made by Rae and is a lovely summer weight dress. I don’t typically go for loose garments around the waist so haven’t made one of these in a while but with Summer round the corner maybe it’s time I revisited this.

1 x ruby top – another Made by Rae pattern and this is another favourite. I’ve made a pile of them but often don’t wear them as they need ironing… Note to self buy only crease free fabrics in future! (Or stop being lazy and start ironing!)

1 x Anna dress hack – this pattern from By hand London is another favourite at the moment and I’m surprised I haven’t worn more of these this month. Typically I’ve used it for evening dresses so maybe I need to make a more casual day version.

1 x circle skirt – a classic self drafted circle skirt can’t beat it!

1 x Myrtle – as my Mum points out I have a major love of cowl neck dresses as demonstrated by this 2 weeks and this pattern by Colette was the start of all that. I’ve stopped myself making them for a bit as it seemed to be the only dress I owned but will no doubt fall back into old comfortable habits soon.

1 x Elisalex dress – this hack of the Elisalex bodice from the By Hand London pattern was one of my first indie patterns. Although the original skirt on this didn’t suit me I loved the bodice and used it for numerous dresses. More recently I’ve not been so keen on the princess line style and have been trying to branch out since.

So in summary mainly dresses and tops in my me made wardrobe so far. I’m pretty proud as this included 2 hen weekends so it shows I’m comfortable wearing me made in lots of different situations. I’ll save my thoughts on the gaps in my me made wardrobe until my next post. Hope everyone else is enjoying this years MMM! 


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