Working to a deadline

Recently one of my great friends got married to her lovely husband. It was an incredible day and the bride looked stunning!

 I knew I wanted a new outfit for the event and decided it was time to smash out a few old faithful patterns. When working to a deadline it’s the only sensible choice… Although if we’re being honest sensible is not deciding to make a dress and a jacket 5 days before the wedding when you work full time! 

I used the BHL Anna dress with a gathered skirt and the BHL Victoria blazer. Both patterns have been tweaked to my style but are still fairly true representatives of the original patterns.

I delved into my stash for the dress and found this green which was previously my Mum’s so I’m not sure how old it is. Being a border print I knew I needed to use it carefully but hadn’t quite decided how until now. In contrast the cream for the jacket was newly bought from Mo’s fabrics in Rugby.

I won’t bore you with construction details as I’ve blogged previously about these makes. The dress has since become a favourite make and I’m wearing it as often as possible. What was different about these two makes was time frame! I worked to a very silly deadline and ended up sewing the last stitches 10 mins before I left the house for the wedding! Weirdly working to these kinds of crazy deadlines works for me! Does anyone else work like that?



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