SOI Cowl dress obsession

I’m on a bit of a roll with blog posts at the moment. I recently bought the Sew Over It cowl dress/top pattern. I absolutely love the Colette Myrtle and although that’s designed for both knit and woven fabrics I still wanted to try the Sew Over it pattern. Mainly because I wanted to try a looser fit style and was attracted to it’s ability to be made into a top.

I graded the pattern to a larger size on the hips and took out a sway back adjustment but this is a wonderfully easy pattern. I would definitely recommend it to people who want to try making a knit dress. Using jersey and the loose fit of the dress mean that its pretty forgiving for any fit issues.
As I decided to make the dress with no sleeves I was actually able to get a dress out out of a metre at 60′ wide.

Now time for my confession and photos… I enjoyed making it so much I made 3 in a day! I’ve worn all 3 and they are like wearing secret pjs. I always wear them with a belt as I like to have a defined waist.

The first one I made isn’t photographed but the grey one was made using a floral grey pointe from John Lewis. I bought it a year or so ago and it’s lovely and soft. The cowl is super simple, once hemmed it just hangs nicely. No phaffing around repositioning it and trying to get it to sit well.

 The black and pink is made using a more synthetic feeling medium weight. I bought it from a shop on Goldhawk Road but I think I’ve seen it for sale on the Fabric Godmother website since if you wanted to get hold of any. I’m very proud of the pattern matching on this. The fabric has a very defined pattern and it’s a pretty good match on the side seams.

   Now to get onto making a top version! I have a deep red picked out and ready to go! There needs to be more hours in the day.


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