The long overdue Bettine

Sorry this post is long overdue given I finished this in September as part of a monthly challenge. I won’t go into excessive detail about the process as I know lots of people have made this dress. Instead I thought I’d talk to you about why it’s taken me so long to blog this!

Tilly and the Buttons – Bettine dress

The dress immediately caught my eye as it looks super comfortable to wear but has a waist. I generally like clothes with a defined waist as part of my general style.


I decided to go all out on the first one and go for pockets and the cuff tabs as well.

In all honesty when I completed this dress it wasn’t what I had pictured and I ended up putting it in the wardrobe and only wearing it when desperate. So where did I go wrong?

Well for starters I made his dress in a buttery soft lawn fabric bought from the man outside sainsburys. Whilst a dream to wear it creases like you wouldn’t believe and I’m pretty lazy when it comes to ironing so often I don’t wear it solely because it needs ironing.

The main reason however is that I had a preconceived notion that a) the dress would fit like a dream and b) it would make me look like all the lovely people I see wearing it on other sewing blogs. Unsurprisingly when I put it on, despite it fitting nicely I hated how it made my body look. It wasn’t the image I’d had in my mind. I felt the dress highlighted my big hips which I normally hide under floaty skirts.

Slowly I have come round and realised that actually I like the silhouette of this dress on me. I just needed a bit of time to grow into it. Does this happen to other people? It’s been a true lesson in the right pattern at the right time. I now love this dress and am desperate to make another. My lovely other half is out tonight so hopefully I might have time to get it cut out at least!


4 thoughts on “The long overdue Bettine

  1. Such a great fabric. I have to admit I felt the same when I made mine. I had to change the skirt section by straightening it out quite a bit.

  2. It seems to be a common problem. I’ve nearly finished my second one and I’m having the same love/hate relationship with it. I’m starting to wonder whether the pattern is just not for me. Fingers crossed I can get it to work. I think I’ll use your advice and straighten out the skirt for sure!

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