The house warming quilt

It’s been a much longer break than intended for my next blog post. I’m current full on wedding planning so most of the making I do is related to that and therefore can’t be posted about. That’s no excuse for not updating on the bits I can talk about though!

A while ago I mentioned I was in the middle of making a present for my soon to be brother in law and his girlfriend. In February I finally gave it to them and can officially talk about it.

The starting point for my inspiration was that I wanted it to be colourful as they have moved into a house boat and we were initially worried it might be quite dark in there.  They have worked super hard in rebuilding and furnishing the boat and consequently it’s not actually dark in there at all!

I put Pinterest to good use with my Mum and we tried to find something none complex from a time perspective but with a twist so that we wouldn’t get bored during making.   

From our research we hit upon the ‘quilt as you go’ idea where you machine appliqué irregular shapes onto a background with the intention that the edges will fray to soften the quilt. We’ve used ‘quilt as you go’ before but never in this context so we decided to go for it.

We pulled out a big pile of fabrics we have hand dyed over the years and then for each square we randomly cut out and composed as we went along. Below shows one of the squares prior to quilting.

Above is the quilt back. As we did ‘quilt as you go’ we just needed to join the squares together. Mostly this was machine sewn but with the finishing touches hand quilted.  Below shows this in progress.

The above is a close up of the machine appliqué. We did it on a zigzag stitch and tried to vary the threads we used to add even more interest.

The whole quilt was made using things already in my Mums stash so I think we did a good job denting it with this project.

Below is the finished quilt front.

The finished quilt is pretty bright and not everyone’s cup of tea but hopefully it will keep them nice and warm.

It also tempted me to get a quilt pattern and fabrics for a flannel lap quilt. I’m in the middle of hand quilting so who knows when I’ll get round to finishing but I’m enjoying every stitch.


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