A spot of Christmas knitting

I admire knitters as I think its a brilliant skill. I know the basics of how to knit and have made a few jumpers and scarves in the past but sadly I don’t generally have enough patience to knit. I like to know that what I’m making is going to work and so often start knitting but inevitably it ends up in a bag in the corner not to be looked at for a while.

However, last year on Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas show I saw Arne and Carlos’ fair-isle Christmas baubles. It was a brilliant interview and they seemed like such lovely guys.

Christmas knitting bookThey instantly caught my attention because a) they are small enough for me to not loose interest and b) because I LOVE Christmas!!

So I bought the book, a ball each of cheap red and white wool and some needles and was away! So far I’ve made four and stuffed 3 of them. They are great fun and the book has lovely clear instructions with pictures to follow. I’m now hooked and would secretly like to make enough to give all my friends one for Christmas but sadly I suspect work and other craft projects will likely get in the way. However these a great project and something I would recommend to anyone considering it. My tension is a little dodgy but I think it adds to the appeal and I’m hoping the more I make the better I’ll get.

Knitted christmas baubles

These are the 3 I have knitted and stuffed so far. As you can tell the reindeer is one of my favourites!

The next and final hurdle is to do the loop at the top which you are supposed to crochet. Crochet is not something I have tried and although I know I should give it a go, my lazy side is telling me to attach some ribbon as loops instead… I’m not sure yet which way I’ll go but I’m looking forward to be able to show you more on my Christmas tree in December. I know it’s a bit early for a Christmas post but I couldn’t resist!


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