Colette Myrtle – part of my September challenge

Following my ‘Wrong Challenge’ blog post I sort of lost my sewing mojo. I’ve been feeling a bit stuck with only a few core patterns that I love and struggling to find new styles that when I make them up I think they suit me or they don’t need hours of fitting repairs which are tough to do on your own.

Today I met 4 other lovely Twenty-something sewers thanks to the Fold line website and it’s help me to re-find my sewing excitement. Thanks to a healthy shopping session at Walthamstow market my mind is buzzing with plans and opportunities.

So now time to catch up on some blog posts I promised a long time ago! One of my challenge makes was to use up some fabric from one of my previous trips to Walthamstow to make one of my TNT patterns the Colette Myrtle.

I’ve made 4 of these now and it is one of my go-to options. Colette patterns generally fit me out of the packet, the only change I made to the pattern was to narrow the top as I have relatively narrow shoulders. I think the dress probably still has too much fabric in the cowl neck but weirdly I like how it sits on me so haven’t bothered to change it.

The pattern is lovely and straight forward and has great instructions if your looking for a great way to get into using elastic. Some of the instructions for making the bodice part of the dress feel a bit weird but my advice would be to follow the instructions and trust it because it’s come out perfectly every time for me!

The dress is very versatile and currently I have worn the versions I’ve made for day time, work wear, nights out and even for hiking! There is always a good time to wear the Myrtle! Right so now onto the pictures… I’ve added one of my challenge dress (the black and grey one) but also one of my favourite Myrtle made to date (green polka dots). I have some plain black rayon which I’m considering for my next one with a lovely gold Indian ribbon trim for a bit of interest.

Black myrtle Myrtle green polak dot 1


One thought on “Colette Myrtle – part of my September challenge

  1. Loving the black and grey one. Glad you found your mojo. Looking forward to seeing what’s next

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