Bucket list acheivement – Skydiving!

A truly incredible experience! When I arrived at Go Sky Dive my stomach suddenly fell to my feet and all the nerves I hadn’t felt in the build up hit me. Thankfully the staff are amazing, they make lots of jokes and get you excited for the experience.

First they get you to watch some inductions videos and the lady explaining everything to us was hilarious. Turns out a few people who were jumping today had only found out what their birthday surprise was on arrival. I decided as this was a once in a lifetime experience to go all out and pay the extra for the 15,000ft drop instead of the 10,000 ft. We then had to wait around for our names to be called as they have to do a series of jumps through-out the day. Thankfully I was only in the second batch so had just bought a cup of tea and was suddenly whisked off to practice my jump poses.

They decked us out in our gear and hook you up into harnesses so that your feet can barely touch the floor. At this point it was nice to chat to the other people going up with me. Then it was off to the flight. I felt pretty excited although in the video footage I look terrified.

Once the plane took off I definitely felt calm as the views were incredible, at 10,000ft the first batch of people jumped, at this point it hits you that very soon…. this will be you! And there is no going back! Once the plane door was reclosed we climbed the extra height to 15,000ft and my instructor shuffled me to the door… first out! I was terrified about hanging out the plane but in all honesty I barely even noticed. It felt like the minute we got near the door we were out and spinning through the air. Once we entered free fall I found it pretty tough to breath and was desperate for him to pull the parachute. I think if I went again I would enjoy the free fall more as I would take steps to prevent the feeling of being winded.

However when the parachute opened the experience changed to one of the most amazing of my life. My instructor got me to fly the parachute which was cool and we did a few turns and things just drinking in the sun and views. Sadly it was all over too soon! I can see why people get hooked.  The instructors were telling me that they can do up to 60 a day at the weekend!

The pictures really say more than I can possibly say in words….

PIC0030 PIC0007 PIC0032 PIC0059 PIC0050 PIC0094PIC0116 PIC0084


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