The wrong challenge

At the start of September I set myself a challenge of 3 garments to make by the end of the month. The plan being to stimulate more sewing, get me to make up the patterns I’ve had for ages but not had a chance to trial, a chance to reduce WIP and also to reduce my ever growing fabric stash which has gotten embarrassingly large.

At the start of the month I picked 3 challenge items I was super keen on, but weirdly setting the challenge had the completely opposite effect. Instead of encouraging me to sew I felt trapped by the garments and when one item wasn’t going well it put me off sewing all together. It should have been easy for me to finish my makes this month as 2 of them were part made before I even started the month. I will post about my makes separately at the end of the month but this impact fascinates me. In the summer I set myself a challenge of completing 6 garments before heading to Stone fabrics in Devon and this worked really well. 

I think the key is allowing freedom of creative spirit, sometimes things bubble to the surface and want to be made, they shout over the noise of other items but when time is at a premium and you’ve set yourself a challenge it stopped me from sewing. I’ve learnt I need to accept that I sew because I enjoy it and I feel inspired and making it into a regimented process takes away that freedom. I felt like I couldn’t justify starting something else when I hadn’t finished my challenge garments.

I said at the start of this challenge that the rules are likely to change as we go along. The key change I’m going to make is that I won’t nominate the fabrics or garments at the start of the month. Instead I will set a number of items and I just have to reach it but completeing projects. That way it allows for the freedom of my flakey sewing style when I run off on a whim.

Do any of you also find that setting fixed goals can sometimes have the opposite effect to what you intended?


2 thoughts on “The wrong challenge

  1. If I start something and it goes wrong i tend to shove it in the naughty corner for a while and make something else before I can go back to it. Finishing off works in progress never inspire me… There was a reason I stopped mid way!

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