Selfless sewing

photo 14I don’t generally make gifts for people as I don’t think I could make them anything they’d actually want. However I’ve wanted to make my friend some funny pj bottoms for ages! We had a long standing joke about moustaches but I missed the boat on moustache fabric last year. We are both currently addicted to series 3 of the show Nashville so this year I took the plunge.

When I went into my local fabric shop they had the perfect fabric. Cowgirls on a blue background. I made most of the pjs in a weekend but then stalled on the buttonholes for the drawstring. I hate buttonholes! They always go wrong and so I have safely avoided them for 10 years!

I finally braved up and completed them last week (about 10 minutes before my friend arrived for me to give them to her). Thankfully my lovely friend seemed genuinely excited… So maybe there is hope for my selfless sewing in the future!

Next on the selfless sewing queue is a quilt for my soon to be brother in law and his girlfriend. It’s still in progress but here’s a taster….

photo 19


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