A little bit of perserverance

I bought some fabric from fabric land on a whim because I loved the vintage style. In my head I was thinking of something pleated but when I got it home for some reason I plumped for a classic circle skirt. Does anyone else do that? I normally find fabric speaks to me and often it can sit in my stash for months (ok more like years!) until it tells me what it wants to be.

Circle skirt 1I knocked the skirt up quickly as it’s a pattern I have used before and was all set to be ready to wear it. But when I put it on my dress form ready to be photographed I noticed the shockingly un level hem. It dipped horribly to one side so it sat on my dress form for a few weeks whilst I mulled it over. Going back over previous skirts I’ve made with this pattern they have the same flaw. I guess I never noticed before because I never had a model to put it on and stand back and look at them in more detail. I was so frustrated with it I didn’t even get any pictures of the dodgy hem line.

Finally last week I had a productive evening where I took a pair of scissors to it and leveled off the hem. Hopefully as you can now see in the photos the problem is solved. It is now ready to wear. However I will have to preservere a little longer as it’s clear from these photos that I need to make a slip to wear underneath it if I want to preserve my dignity!! I have learnt from this though that patience and perserverence are good companions to sewing. I have lots of good stuff on the go at the moment and am hoping to blog about my first drafting experience using the SOI vintage book soon.

circle skirt 2


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