Everyone needs a little black jacket

victoria blazer 3I made this jacket a few months ago for a wedding but thought it would be a good time to blog about it. The jacket is the Victoria Blazer from By Hand London. I got the pattern a while ago. When I first made it up I realised that to suit my body shape I needed to take out some of the fullness from the front and back, about 4′ in total. Having perfected the fit previously it was pretty easy to whip up to keep my shoulders warm in the March weather.

For this version I also took off the lapels and cuffs to give a more clean line shape. Overall I love the jacket and it was perfect for the occasion. As I was cutting corners I also decided not to line it but instead used bias binding around the edges. This helped to make it an incredibly quick make, which considering I had chosen to try using lace for the first time for my dress for the wedding, was pretty useful!

The shape of this jacket is beautiful and the construction for the neck line, I think is a really inspired pattern design which the BHL girls nailed! Good useful make all round! Sadly being black you can’t really see the details in the photo but I recommend the pattern to anyone looking for a little bolero jacket in a more modern style.


2 thoughts on “Everyone needs a little black jacket

  1. Hi Katy, Thanks for your lovely comment. I have added photos to my new blog post which include more shots of the jacket. Hopefully that helps. I’m still learning the best way to photograph my makes.

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