Sew Over it Vintage book

My Sew over it Vintage book arrived! image

I’ve been a fan of Sew Over it since it opened it’s doors but not living locally I don’t tend to be able to go to any of the classes. I also seem to be the wrong body shape for most of their patterns which is a shame because they have such lovely stuff! Sadly my fitting skills aren’t good enough on my own and my only fitting buddy (my Mum) lives too far away to meet up and sew on a regular basis. So I hadn’t originally intended on buying the book.

However, I started watching the Sew Over it vlogs recently which are absolutely excellent! I don’t really know Lisa other than that she runs Sew Over it, but she has such a lovely engaging style on her vlogs. She talks in a really natural way which makes you feel like you’re just having a conversation. The vlogs are also a good length and have so far had varied topics. If you haven’t seen them I would definitely recommend them!

One of the vlogs was Lisa explaining about her new book. When she explained that there were no patterns and the book hinged around teaching people to pattern draft I immediately went online and ordered the book! I’ve been dying to learn to pattern draft and this looked like the perfect introduction.

I had eagerly checked my delivery status online on Friday night which it confirmed sadly that the book had not yet been shipped by Amazon and wasn’t expected to arrive until the 27th! Then as if by magic it landed on my doorstep on Saturday morning! As expected it threw out all other sewing plans I had in favour of getting started!

So far I have drafted the bodice block which seems a bit of an odd shape due to my narrow shoulders and the Box pleat skirt (which I fell in love with Lisa’s version on her vlog!). I’ve broken the cardinal rule of dressmaking and cut out 2 versions of the skirt without even making a muslin… I have no doubt ‘egg in face’ will ensue but I just couldn’t help myself! I’ll let you know how they turn out!

photo 9


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