Addicted to Astoria

I signed up for the Seamworks magazine from its first issue. I loved the first couple of issues, particular the lingerie one as I felt they added something new and exciting to the sewing scene. I confess that I haven’t been as keen on the later issues as they don’t seem to have that same level of originality and excitement. I think the magazine is targeting producing staples and it definitely fills that brief but I haven’t really been tempted to make any of them…. until Astoria!

I’ve always been a bit nervous with sewing knit fabrics. My Mum is the queen of knits and can knock up jersey garments with ease and confidence, but I’ve never really felt the same. I saw House of Pinherio’s Astoria and immediately want to give it a go!

photo 7I popped into my favourite local sewing shop when I know I want to make a muslin (Fabric Land) and picked up some amazingly cheap knit fabrics. I went for a variety of a more scuba style fabric and a traditional ponte de roma. Thinking it would be good to test it out in different styles of knit fabric. I have now successfully completed 5 Astorias (and a 6th one well under way!)… which I think it verging on addiction. They are perfect for throwing on over dresses or paired with skirts and the pattern fits great straight out of the packet. I honestly want to make one in every colour to be sure I have one for every occasion. Because they are such quick makes and only take a metre of fabric I’ve also been able to use up a load of scraps from my Mum.

Apologise for the terrible camera work! That’s definitely something I need to work on!

photo 6

As a result I have reassessed my opinion of the Seamworks magazine and I think I might have a go at making up some more of the items in their magazines. They might not immediately jump out as something you are drawn to but they will likely make up the core elements of your wardrobe. I generally find Colette/Seamworks patterns fit great for me and they tend to form my staple patterns of choice. In particular my love affair with the Mabel skirt pattern which got me through the whole of winter and the Myrtle dress, which I currently have 3 completed versions of (and a 4th on my sewing table in progress). My favourite Myrtle I’ve made so was made from some incredible drapey fabric with birds from the Sew Over it shop. Worth every penny!

So watch this space for more Seamworks creations in the near future! I’m thinking either the Oslo cardigan or the Adelaide.. all suggestions/recommendations welcomed!


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