Learning to Blog

I’ve been sewing for most of my life and over the past few years have loved the regeneration in sewing’s popularity. I’ve been following a number of peoples blogs for a long time and recently a good friend of mine convinced me to enter the modern age and join Instagram. Having joined I realised I can now get more involved in the online sewing community including posting my makes and even join things like ‘Me Made May’ in more than just spirit! Cue the time to start a blog!


Blogging is unfamiliar to me so I’ll keep this short and sweet but my aim in this blog is to share the highs and lows of my sewing experience and also other lifestyle things. Like all sewers I have a stash of fabrics up to my eyeballs and so many WIP that I sometimes don’t know where to start. I recently moved jobs and have developed a new sewing pattern which usually gives me more time to sew. This is so much better than before when I was only able to sew sporadically and so I am developing a new way of sewing to take full advantage of this time! Hopefully this should mean there is plenty for me to blog about in the future.


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